It’s Market Season

I’m glad to report that my local farmers’ market is in full swing. This morning was the third week, and everyone finally seems to be getting back in the groove.


This is my loot from today. It includes some awesome spinach, which will be eaten with eggs. Also some good-looking carrots, radishes for a salad, breakfast radishes just for munching, a little bag of arugula for the salad, and some onions. I also got some long, lovely, asparagus spears, some snap pease, and yes, those are tomatoes. The tomatoes were grown locally in a greenhouse, but the grower claims they taste like July. For $4/lb, they’d better…


I also picked up a pack of Brussels Sprouts plants, and got a couple of them in the last of my four garden boxes this morning. I’m looking forward to their bounty.

I spent about $35 in all, $6 of that on the tomatoes. I’m still glad I can go get all this again! It finally feels like summer is on the way.

gratuitous dog photo


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