• How Barbara Kingsolver Almost Ruined My Life

    I’ve been a long-time fan of Barbara Kingsolver.  I have read most all of her books, except The Poisonwood Bible, and I don’t know why I haven’t read that one.  I think my favorite has to be Prodigal Summer.  Who knew moth copulation could be put down so beautifully on paper?  She’s a lyrical writer, and I relish every sentence as if it’s a morsel of the finest chocolate (fair trade chocolate, of course.  Just kidding.  I’ve never seen fair trade chocolate in Metropolitan St. Louis, although I have not looked.).  She is fantastic.  A friend, when describing Kingsolver’s books, introduced me to the word “polemic.”  I’m sure Kingsolver seems that way to some.  Oh, heck:  She is polemic.  It is true. 

    BUT, that she is polemic and writes beautifully about moth sex is not what almost ruined my life.  [Read More…]