I’m a doer, not a blogger

It’s been a long, hard winter… You’d think that would’ve inspired me to write about my grand garden plans, living without (subscribing to) CSA, using all my preserved food, etc. Thank goodness it’s spring now.



It didn’t, and I’m sorry. I hope some of you are still checking back here after so long. That said, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.


I started seeds, beginning back in February. Of over 200 seeds started I got about 50ish plants. Newspaper pots did not work for me. Next year I will buy seed-starting mix.

starting seeds

I built garden boxes, four of them, 4’x4′, and am trying the Square Foot Garden approach in my backyard garden this year.


I planted about 30 Amish Paste tomato plants, a couple of sad looking pepper plants, some onion sets, some garlic pods, a handful of lettuce seeds, and some soup beans. I also gave away another 25 or so tomato plants of several slicing varieties, and a couple better looking pepper plants. I also planted some strawberries from my co-host’s neighbor.


The hops are coming back fairly strong. I am letting each of the three (of four) surviving plants give me two bines a piece, though one is struggling so I may clip its smaller one back. I’m hoping for a decent harvest this year, though we’ve yet to use last year’s from the freezer.

The dog is cured of heart worms. He is now happily running around and destroying the garden. I love him anyway.

Aren’t you glad spring has sprung?

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