• Brewing Flowchart

    Everyone likes a flowchart… I think.

    This is one that I came up with as a quick reference when we first considered going all-grain. It’s not really the method we use, since brewing in a bag is much easier, especially on a small scale.  There are a lot of steps on this chart, but we skip about 1/3 of them. If you’re brewing from a kit, you’ll skip about half of them.

    Brew Flowchart

  • Planting By The Signs

    Foxfire Book

    This book piqued my curiosity about Planting by the Signs.  (This is Foxfire Book #1, by the way.  Published in 1972.  My copy is the 27th printing.) 

    The chapter on Planting by the Signs opens with the Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, which Pete Seeger adapted and The Byrds recorded, resulting in one of the most recognizable songs of the ‘60s.  The actual words from the verse are:  “…a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” [Turn, turn, turn.  This song was recorded long before David Crosby started fretting about almost cutting his hair, of course.] 

    A lot of people find the notion of planting by the signs to be complete hogwash, if they’ve even heard of it (including the other person who writes on this blog).  I have an affinity for things that connect human beings to the land, old ways and folklore.  So I’m not willing to call it hogwash until I try it. [Read More…]

  • Brewing Equipment

    Putting together your brewing kit can be as expensive as you’d like it to be, but if you keep it simple, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Saving money on some of the items you’ll use may be made up in time, though.

    With the exception of a few items, most of this can probably be found in your kitchen. The rest of the items can be bought or made.

    DSC00596 [Read More…]

  • Community Supported Fisheries (CSF)!

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), as we know, is a methodical, sometimes prepaid way to buy local food grown by a local farmer.  Click here for Lou’s “Thoughts on CSA” post for the hows and the whys of a CSA.  Lou got a lot of produce, and sometimes could buy eggs from his CSA.

    BUT FISH? 

    My California cousin told me about Community Support Fishery (Thanks, Jennifer!).  I hadn’t heard of this.  She shared this link with me:  www.localcatch.orgClick here to go to its “About” page, and look around at some of the participating CSFs.  Most of the logos click through to a website. [Read More…]