CSA Day 2013-10-29

Here’s what I got in my CSA box on Tuesday:photo 1

Sweet Potatoes






Bok Choy

Sweet Peppers


I still haven’t got around to those stuffed peppers, since my mom made a batch last week and shared (thanks, Mom!). I’ll get to those soon. Thankfully they freeze well, because it’s going to be a biiiiiig batch.

We’re officially coming into soup season, so it’s time to put up some stock. The carrot tops will go in, along with peels, as well as scraps from the greens, peppers, and a couple sprigs of the thyme. To that, I’ll add some onion stumps and garlic peels I’ve been saving in the freezer, the last leaves of my pathetic parsley plant, some sad lettuce that’s been hanging out in the fridge too long, and some celery.

Salad, again, will be on the menu this week, and probably a little pan of braised kale. Also, I’m thinking about a stir-fry. I’ve never actually used bok choy in a Chinese-style stir-fry.

The sweet potatoes and carrots (sans tops) will keep well in the drawer at the bottom of my fridge.

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