CSA day 9/24/13

Another Tuesday, another CSA box…

CSA 9.24.13

This time the take was a little smaller:

Summer Squash
Winter Squash (I think it’s a Carnival)
Bok Choy

I don’t really have any special plans for any of this. I’ll probably dry most of the parsley for later use, since my plant was pathetic this year. The summer squash will go well sautéed with some garlic with some pasta. The winter squash will probably go in a foil bag on the grill, or maybe just halved and cooked on a sheet of foil on the cool side. The bok choy will go anywhere and everywhere. The carrots will be nice roasted on the grill either with the winter squash or not.

And of course, I’ll be making pickles… So far this season I’ve done about 8 pints, 2 quarts, and a half gallon.






It’s a good thing they’re easy to give away.

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