CSA Day 10/1/13


IMG_0193Another Tuesday, another box…

This week I got all kinds of goodies:


Loose-leaf Kale
Green Beans
1/2 lb. tomatoes


I have to say, I’m disappointed that the beets didn’t include the tops, but at least the cute little kales will keep me in greens for the week. Not that I need more greens, as I’m still eating on a pot of mixed greens that I cooked over the weekend.

Green-beans will go with some garlic, salt, and pepper in a foil bag on the grill. Beets will probably be saved for a few weeks, maybe until I have enough to pickle a jar. The cucumber, plus one I have in the fridge from last week, will make a pint of pickles with fresh dill. A sauté of zucchini and green beans with some scallion and garlic will be nice with some pasta. The lettuce will make a salad (might have to give in and chop up a beet to put on top), and maybe some lettuce soup too. The tomatoes will just get eaten.

A quick sauté of summer squash and whatever veg I have leftover in the fridge plus some pasta is a staple meal in my house. What are the dishes that you revisit often? Do you have a specific summer ‘stock meal’, one for winter, spring, and fall too?

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  1. Jeremy /

    Bake a few of those beets in some olive oil, shallots and rosemary. They’re so good on their own or in salads!

    1. Lou / Post Author

      Ooh, I’ve never used rosemary with my beets. I’ll try that by week’s end. Thanks!

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