Farmers Market Haul 2013-10-12

I think I went overboard.

That’s all the stuff I got this morning at the Ferguson Farmers’ Market. It’s a LOT! The pumpkin is definitely the heaviest item, and I’m assured that when it’s done being a decoration on my front porch it will still be sweet, delicious, and excellent for eating.

Here's my front porch tableau.

Here’s my front porch tableau.


These diakon radishes are a close second, in terms of size and weight.


These french breakfast and easter egg radishes are destined for the pickle jar.


Some of this fresh ginger (no hard skin!) will probably find its way into pickles, and tea, and I don’t know what else…


Broccoli=Yum. It’s nothing special, just good ol’broccoli. It was cheap though. About $2 for all three crowns.


These carrots are festive.


I REALLY like garlic. Actually not all of this is mine, I picked up most of it for Cindy, as I’ve already stocked up. This garlic is Red Russian from EarthDance Farm, and it’s delicious.

Do you have a farmers’ market or great roadside stand convenient to you? I see lots of advantages to buying direct from a farm rather than buying from a grocery store, chief among them being price.

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  1. Jeremy /

    hehe love the front porch gourds. As for the ginger, broccoli, carrots, garlic and radishes- might make a good stir fry. Look up a good Tso recipe.

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