Community Supported Fisheries (CSF)!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), as we know, is a methodical, sometimes prepaid way to buy local food grown by a local farmer.  Click here for Lou’s “Thoughts on CSA” post for the hows and the whys of a CSA.  Lou got a lot of produce, and sometimes could buy eggs from his CSA.


My California cousin told me about Community Support Fishery (Thanks, Jennifer!).  I hadn’t heard of this.  She shared this link with me:  www.localcatch.orgClick here to go to its “About” page, and look around at some of the participating CSFs.  Most of the logos click through to a website.

You’ll see that most of the CSFs are on the coasts, of course, since that is where commercial fishing is done.  (The men in this house are avid anglers, but I think the Missouri Department of Conservation would put them in jail if they started selling crappie.) 

There is one CSF that serves Illinois (no Missouri listings….yet).

All the way from Alaska. 

(Read here:

I am intrigued, and may have to have some Peoria family take delivery of and freeze some of those spot prawns for me.  Wow!  Take a look at Sitka Salmons’ descriptions in the “YOUR FISH” tab.  They did a great job.

Is this ‘slow’ food?  No, it’s not.  But the truth of the matter is:  If Midwesterners didn’t buy commercial fish, there wouldn’t be fish counters at all the grocery stores! 

Had you heard of CSF?   


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  1. Lou /

    This box scheme smells fishy.
    I usually just can’t bring myself to eat ocean fish when I’m this far from the ocean, though I think I might be able to get on board with this.

    Really, this is akin to a Combined CSA, at least in the case of the Galesburg CSF. I suppose it’s no worse than ordering Florida citrus, or Louisiana crawfish from a shop or grower you trust…

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